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Discovery Award.

The idea of The Discovery Award was first mooted in 1987, during an activity holiday in the Kinloch Rannoch area, organised for a group of over-50's by Tayside Community Education Service, from its Outdoor Education Centre in Dundee. The group taking part sampled a range of activities including canoeing, climbing and abseiling and returned with enhanced enthusiasm. They all wanted something more challenging which would call for greater personal commitment.

In September 1987, a pilot group of 6 women and 4 men met with a Community Education Worker and the local advisor for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award to take the idea a stage further. It was that group which took the initial steps resulting in the creation of The Discovery Award.

What is The Discovery Award ?

It is an achievement Award offering challenges to individuals in the 50+ age range, presenting them with possible new heights to scale. It enables and encourages people to make choices about their own lives and to increase their contribution to life around them. By meeting a range of new personal challenges, as well as some new people - it offers the possibility and bonus of new and lasting friendships.

Who Will Be Interested ?

Anyone over 50 years of age. There is no upper age limit and no other restrictions.

What Are Its Main Aims ?

The overall objective is to enable participants to experience the joy, fun and excitement of meeting challenges by:

discovering new interests

discovering hidden talents

rediscovering old or neglected interests or talents

discovering new and interesting people

discovering the warmth and value of new friendships

discovering the sense and joy of acheivement

discovering what the Award means to them as individuals

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All over 50's welcome

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