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The Song that Never Endeth

This was the title of the Springburn North Diamond Jubilee booklet published in 1948. Sadly for some, that was not true for a building, as part of a thriving community. Who would have thought that not one of the original churches would remain, except for the moment, the former Ferguson Memorial Church now used by another denomination. Who would have thought that the Cowlairs Cooperative Society, such a thriving store, should be no longer with us? Who would have thought that all the industry with the roads black with workers streaming out of the works at nighttime and almost stopping the traffic would be practically non-existent? Who would have thought the teeming mass of population and its row after row of tenement houses would have been more than halved. It has!
Were the writers of the Springburn North history being too optimistic? The answer is 'no'. God is not contained in a building, and destroy all the buildings we may, God is still there, and there will always be a worshipping people. A quotation from the booklet says "And just as we cannot trace the beginning of the song, so neither can we trace its end. We say and believe that the story of Springburn North in the future is a never-ending story, that though some day the congregation may cease to exist, its influence and record shall go on. The influence of all the churches in Springburn is continuing in the new congregation of Springburn, and we have brought together all that is the best of each.
But we ask, what is a church for, and to be. It is certainly not there to provide an outlet for people to do something as if it were just a Springburn organisation. Rather it is the place where Jesus Christ is proclaimed as the answer for the needs of all men and women. When John Wesley preached anywhere, he would often write in his journal, that he "offered Christ". It is the purpose of the Church of offer Christ, and it must continue to do so until He come again -which He will.
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