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Springburn was growing rapidly, and the minister and Session of the Parish Church resolved to meet the needs of the population as far as they possibly could. On 10th September 1884, the Rev. James Arthur intimated to the Kirk Session that at the corner of Keppochhill Road and Millarbank Street, a suitable site had been found for establishing a mission station. Negotiations were started for a feu (at twelve shillings and sixpence per square yard); architects plans prepared and, with the help of a grant from the Baird Trust and a Bank overdraft, the Gourlay Street Hall was built. In the meantime, services were held in a shop in Millarbank Street.
Early in 1885 a bazaar raised £340 to meet the cost of the new hall, and the Home Mission Committee added a grant of £325 plus a grant of £350 from the Baird Trust. A further £490 was gathered by a body of collectors. The cost of the hall was £1,180 and from these sources the building was laid down clear of debt.
On the 21st June 1885 the first minister, or more correctly, missionary, was appointed at a salary of £100 per year. He was the Rev. William Hamilton. Six months later, he received a call to Roberton Parish Church, and the Rev. John C. Duncan, soon to be Mr. Arthur's son-in-law, was called to succeed him and was appointed on 22nd November 1885.
When Mr. Duncan came to Cowlairs the membership of the hall congregation was 12, but by 1887 the membership had risen to 400.
It was not long before the need for a church at Cowlairs was apparent, and by May 1887, the Mission Hall Committee could report that they had raised £200 towards the cost. Up to this point, Mr. Duncan was simply an assistant, but in 1888 the congregation called him to be their minister and petitioned the Presbytery for his ordination. This was granted, and took place on the 27th February. The following year saw plans and estimates for the new church being passed, and on the 9th February 1890, the new church was opened by the Rev. Principal Story of the University, and the Rev. Dr. Donald McLeod of the Park Parish Church. The total cost of the new building was to be £3,500, a sum of £2,500 being borrowed from the National Bank, the Kirk Session of Springburn Parish Church being the guarantors.
In 1895 a Chapel of Ease Constitution was granted to it, and on 21st February 1899 it was erected into a Quod Sacra parish Church.
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