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We are grateful to a former minister of Springburn
Parish Church, Rev. Frank Myers for gathering together information about the
churches which came together to form the present Springburn Parish Church as
well as other fellowship in the Springburn Area. The Preface to his booklet is
given here and is followed by links to the various churches in Springburn. 


It is not the purpose of this booklet to make a long detailed study of the
background of Springburn and its Churches. The late Rev. Ian Burnett did this
for Springburn and its then Parish Church in 1942 when he prepared the book
"Springburn; Its Parish and Church" which was done as part of the
Centenary of that Church. That was a well-documented and full history of the
ecclesiastical background (and more) of Springburn.

I have been fully aware that there has been no form of coordination of the Church
in Springburn as a whole. Some congregations put out their own history,
relating in some detail the work of many people and personalities. Some didn't.
Springburn in its day was a proud place, with its work, and also with its
Church. All were well attended, and all benefited from its people who put into
the Churches that which they also put into their workplace. It seems to me that
in what became a rapidly changing area; it would be a sad omission if the life
of the Church were not put down for posterity. I have put down but a brief
background of the many churches of Springburn, and of their eventual union,
which took place as a result of re-development, and rebuilding of Springburn.
Because of the influence and importance of the Railway industry, I have also
given a brief resume of that part of its life.

I have done little research; simply I have received information and research from
many sources, and have put them together - a difficult task even then - but far
more easy than in doing what others before me have done. Much of what follows
has been taken verbatim from the Rev. Ian Burnett's book and the jubilee
brochures of the various congregations, as well as the jubilee brochure of the
North British Locomotive works. I owe them a great debt.

I have, unfortunately, only the bare bones of the beginnings of Somerville
Church. Maybe one day, someone will be moved to do the amount of research
required to go more fully into this history. I am also aware that there was a
church on Keppochhill Road, and which I could never find much about, and
indeed, was closed before I came to Springburn in 1961

We cannot but thank God for the dedicated people who brought their enthusiasm and
faith and did their considerable part in moulding the people and life of the
area. We would only pray that the present people of Springburn would continue
with that same vision.

Frank  Myers
Frank Myers 1997

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